Technical aspects
 Development of novel innovative cell therapies
 Improvement in the efficacy of stem cell therapy
 Simultaneous development of relevant industrial technologies through Medicluster
 Possible expansion of therapeutic indications of cell therapy to other diseases
 Establishment of an international clinical trial platform and utilization & co-organization of
  relevant technology
 Establishment of a non-invasive cell therapy for damaged joint and cartilage tissue
 Providing hope for patients with intractable diseases due to development of high-tech therapy
  using stem/precursor cells
 Co-exchange of dendritic cell-related therapeutic technology with other fields
 Possibility of overcoming organ donor shortage for non-obese diabetics
Economic and industrial aspects
 Reduction in national healthcare costs for chronic diseases
 Huge contribution to the national economy due to the creation of high value-added industries
 Increase in profits from attainment of international patent through commercialization
 Suggestion of a new role model for venture companies in the 21st century
 Increase in the inflow of large-scaled international R & D capital
 Expansion in new employment and revitalization of relevant industries
 Opening up of foreign markets for tailored medicine
 Import substitution effect through the development of a novel Korean stent
Social and public aspects
 Reduction in the social and economic burden of chronic disease and improvement of human
  welfare through prolongation of life span
 Establishment of strict standards for future clinical trials of cell therapy and formation of social
  consensus on the standards of bio-ethics
 Positive influence of the treatment of patients with intractable diseases